24/7 Technical Support & Maintenance

We monitor and manage your website and support services that power digital growth.

Secure & Fast

Secure & Fast

Emergency 24/7 support

Emergency 24/7 support

WordPress Maintenance Service

Website Maintenance

Unlimited Bug Fixes

Emergency 24/7 Support

Website Updates

Ongoing Security

Weekly Updates

Website Backups

Website Optimisation

Page Speed Optimisation

Bi-weekly Report

Backup & Restore

Website Monitoring

Uptime Monitoring

WordPress Code Update

Plugin & Theme Update

WordPress Security Services

Malware Scan & Fix-up

Periodic malicious infection scan on all core files. Clean-up takes place to ensure top notch performance

Secure & Fast Load Speed

Protection against DDoS ensures you have a clean pipe that will speed up your website

Bruteforce Protection

Our stubborn set-up will not simply let your attackers guess your password

Block Unwanted Traffic

Security expert will filter your incoming traffics and block “spam referrers”

Security Updates

We handle all of your WordPress and security updates automatically so you don’t have to

Web Optimization

We extensively clean up your WordPress database and optimise it without doing manual queries